Sunday 22 June 2014


Hello, and welcome to Film Fanatic. This is a blog that I have set up to discuss something that is very close to me, something that I have been talking about for years. I shall hold you in suspense no longer (although you may already have guessed), this blog is to discuss films.
I should clarify, I am going to offer reviews, comparisons and explanations concerning every film that I think needs to have yet another opinion given to it. I do not just mean new films either, as well as reviewing any new releases I will also take as many opportunities as I can to look back at enduring films. There are many reasons for this, I know a lot of people who have never even heard of classics such as Citizen Kane, or even as recent as Pulp Fiction. I hope that if there is anyone who has never seen or heard of a certain film that I review, I can draw their attention to it and help them to discover these masterpieces. Any remake or sequel that comes out will not be spared from being compared to the original, any franchise will have to endure a thorough look at their past.
If you want to get involved as well leave some comments and let me know if there are any films you want me to review, or if you just completely disagree with my opinion and want to throw an argument at me then please do. I fear I have rambled on for a bit too long now so I'm going to end this introduction quickly. I hope to be posting my first reviews as soon as possible.
See you around, hopefully.  

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