Friday 17 April 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer 2 Review

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"Chewie, we're home."

It's here, we've been waiting a long time and it has finally arrived once again, sort of. Admittedly this is also another tease and not the full trailer, but on another note who the f**k cares because it's more Star Wars images and another chance to speculate over what is going to happen in JJ Abraams vision of the universe George Lucas built up. So here it is, a space opera built up from inspirations of Westerns and Samurai movies, something that defines a generation and has probably had a bigger effect on our culture than any film, ever .
There are a lot of moments within this trailer as opposed to the other comprised of six shots so let's just cover the trailer as a whole. Given that the film is still seven months away then I am certainly not disappointed by the fact that it's still a teaser. Expect a longer version in two to three months (at a rough guess). But what I really loved was that it was all new footage, most trailers of this type show us shots that have already appeared in the last one, but everything here was new and different and that only gets me more excited.
Luke narrates, someone (probably Luke) sits around a campfire with R2-D2, someone is handed a Lightsaber and of course there's the burned Vader mask. We know that it was cremated at the end of Episode 6 on Endor, so unless the Ewoks are the antagonists of number 7, it may have been a relic that Luke has kept or something retrieved by... we don't know who. But the way it's shot is beautiful,with a skeletal, almost haunted look.
Red is a prominent colour in all the Imperial shots. It's led me to believe that either the Empire has split into factions and the one we see here is different to the one Vader and Palpatine ruled over in the original three, or it could be the weakened Empire being forced to partner with another organisation in order to survive. f course, it could still be just an evolution that has taken place over the past thirty years, take your pick. 
Planets are still unconfirmed, many believed the first shot of the first trailer was Tatooine, but now rumours have arisen that indicate it could be another planet. But regardless, the scope and cinematography of that first shot really is Star wars in all of its cinematic glory. That defines the whole trailer, the first one set the tone, this one sets the scope. Will the third set the story?
Our main antagonist is visible from the front now in the classic force stance. Oscar Issaac looks like he's having the time of his life in an X-Wing, some mysterious chrome soldier and the Empire is being attacked by a TIE Fighter with John Boyega freaking out. All very impressive but something tells me that a majority of the shots are taken from the first act of the final movie. With a few exceptions most of the aspects come together to form the outline of what I think the first thirty or forty minutes will be like.
Here is my theory. We establish the state of the new galaxy free from Imperial rule (the exact details are beyond me and there are just too many possibilities for me to try and work it out now). Boyega is a stormtrooper who realises how flawed and corrupt the Empire is but can't get out. That is until the Star Destroyer he is stationed on is attacked and crashes on the planet below. The site is a gathering point for scavengers, one of which (Daisy Ridley, who may or may not be related to Luke, Han and Leia) rescues Boyega and they partner up as well as stealing a valuable object from the crash site. But her hideout is attacked by Imperial forces looking for it and they are rescued by the Millennium Falcon (piloted by I don't know who) but it plunges them into this larger galactic conflict and from there...
Like I said, this is all speculation. For a start the shot in which we see Han and Chewbacca on the Falcon strangely tugs at the emotions. But furthermore does this imply that Solo has been seperated from his old girl for some time or is he referring to something else that only becomes clear in context.
Whatever the answer is, we may have to wait a while to find out. But based on the strength of this and the previous trailer, I hope that it will most definitely be worth the wait.  

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