Thursday, 3 March 2016

Ghostbusters (2016) Trailer Review

Before I say anything about the actual trailer, I have a few things to address first. I love original ‘Ghostbusters’, possibly my absolute favourite comedy movie of all time. The plot is fantastic, characters are amazing, humour is brilliant and the special effects still hold up. So the last thing I would want is a remake. But then again a remake does not mean that the first film no longer exists, it’s still there and you can still enjoy it.

Also, Bill Murray was asked several times prior to the announcement of the Paul Feig movie as to whether or not he would appear in another ‘Ghostbusters’ movie and he declined, today Murray usually chooses to invest his talents in projects he is personally interested in like small indie comedies hence his partnerships with the likes of Sofia Coppola and Wes Anderson. Dan Akroyd has also stated that he is not interested in making another instalment. Harold Ramis is sadly dead and he is not coming back, Sigourney Weaver has also not expressed an interest in making another movie and Rick Moranis is still in retirement, having quit the movie business to look after his family. And Ernie Hudson is … probably not interested, I don’t know, I haven’t seen any interviews with him.

So if we need to make another ‘Ghostbusters’ movie, or if it’s going to be remade regardless at least this all female concept seems like a smart and clever way to reboot the series. For that matter I was trying to defend the first set photos when the cast came under attack for not looking happy in the photos(which obviously has nothing to do with the fact they are in the middle of shooting a movie and hopefully acting, or the fact that Bill Murray isn’t smiling for the entirety of the original ‘Ghostbusters’ movie) and let’s be honest, those et photos could have been James Franco, Seth Rogan, Craig Robinson and Jonah Hill and no one would have cared about the lack of a smile, not even if they were actively miserable and weeping into each other’s arms while cursing the entire ‘Ghostbusters’ fan community.

The point of all of this is that I like to think I went into this trailer with a fairly open mind. So I can safely say that this trailer …. is just awful. The first and most essential aspect was this, did it make me laugh? The answer is no. I really wish I could say otherwise but it just resembles every other comedy movie currently in cinemas, feeling more like lightly edited improvisation instead of an actual movie. The jokes just felt very flat and ultimately it seemed to be Melissa McCarthy doing her usual thing and Leslie Jones shouting. There’s little evidence of any comedic variety either, the original has everything from deadpan to slapstick comedy, but this trailer mainly features the same style of predictable and rather unimaginative comedy.

But quintessentially, I have to ask, what I this movie? Its opening leads you to believe that it is a continuation but then the actual footage never makes any reference to the original. I’m not saying I prefer one over the other but at the very least the movie itself should decide which one. If it is a reboot then why bother to try and leech off of nostalgia with call backs such as Exo-1 or the firehouse or Slimer? It can still be a continuation with just an acknowledgement of the old team.

Now I know it’s slightly unfair to instantly start comparing it to the original, but here’s another problem; with all of the references it’s essentially asking you to, reminding you for virtually every second that you used to enjoy the other movie so please watch this one. The pacing also feels very odd, feeling rather slow and cumbersome as opposed to a laugh a minute film that I have to watch now. I know it’s a different genre of comedy, but when I look at a trailer like ‘The Nice Guys’, that’s a comedy I want to see now. This is one I could stand a while to wait for.

To be fair none of Paul Feig’s movies have had great trailers. ‘Spy’ was highly entertaining but the trailer was rather flat as well. But another problem for me was how I didn’t get a cohesive sense of story from this trailer, the humour felt rather forced and seemed to be designed around big action scenes rather than the humour. The CGI does have the right look to it for me, with an almost cartoonish quality to it that suits the general tone. Feig has an entertaining track record with plenty of enjoyable movies so I will give the film itself the benefit of the doubt for now and hold out hope that it will be good. But in terms of a trailer that has to please the old fans while excite new ones, I can’t help but think this one didn’t do either.
But what are your thoughts? Comment below if you agree or disagree. Thanks and bye.

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