Tuesday 29 July 2014

Summer Blockbusters

Well School’s out for Summer, at least it is now over in Britain. That’s right my friends across the pond we have much shorter holidays. So I have decided to use this opportunity to pick five films that I think will be topping the film charts over the next six weeks. Some of these films have already come out but have not yet reached huge heights, but I think they will inevitably, so here we go and we start with…
Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes: This is a film that I am hugely excited about and as I said in my review it is brilliant so it has a very strong bet on being a big hitter. Admittedly it is far from a family friendly film, a little too dark and serious and all children will cry at the sight of monkeys being killed. But teenagers, adults, fans of the original and newcomers will all have a very good viewpoint of this film and it holds a lot of potential.
Transformers: Age of Extinction: I have made it no secret that I despise this film, it’s just a mess of loud noises and random explosions. And that is exactly why it will do well this summer. I really wish I could say no, give earnings to a good film, but this will easily come under the ‘what shall we do today, what about the cinema, isn’t that new Transformers film out?’ category of high grossing. Even if you know it’s bad, the Dinobots are in it, they were what made my result 1/10 instead of 0/10.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Finally Michael Bay is doing something else, and I am cautiously optimistic about this new project. Every single person who watched the cartoons and read the comics (myself included) will want to see this film. But it’s also being made for kids and hopefully it will get a PG rating so parents won’t be hesitant about taking them to watch it. It should appeal to both sides of the target audience, providing that it’s good (you can do it once MB).
How To Train Your Dragon 2: It’s been out for a few weeks now with a slow start, but hopefully now the kids are out of school it will see a huge increase in viewers. The first film was very successful and many people now want to see it move past the origin story and into a wider world which I can confirm it does very well. It also shares themes and excitement which parents and kids will love it so families can go together. Also, it’s the only mainstream animation this summer so there is little competition.
Guardians Of The Galaxy: A big gamble for Marvel, but I’m confident it can pay off for them. So many fans of marvel looking for clues to Avengers 2 will want to see this, as well as casual viewers and families can see it. It may get a 12a rating but Marvel is so associated with superheroes that parent will simply see this as another one of those, whether it turns out to be different or not. Most importantly, with Star Wars fever hyping up every day now until December 2015, this science fiction adventure could help scratch those itches until that day.

Do you agree, or is there a film coming out this summer that you think will prove to be a success. Leave a comment below if you think so and be sure to recommend this site on google.     

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