Sunday 31 May 2015

Best and Worst of May 2015

So, we're well and truly into summer now. In a brief gap between the heaviest hitters of Avengers and Jurassic World there are more of what you would refer to as the lighter and perhaps riskier films of the summer. There are certainly some odd films and ones that I can definitely see on my final list of the year. though at the same time it has been a bit of a mixed bag and at the same time I can also see a few films that we probably be on the list for worst of the year. But putting that aside, here are the three best.
3: Tomorrowland
Despite some issues with its final act and the sudden incapability to retain a subtle message rather than ones that hit you over the head Brad Bird's vision of the future is one of the most unique and pleasingly optimistic to come out of cinema in recent memory. More importantly, don't forget just how good it feels to have another original idea and one that stands completely on its own merit. Excellently acted and with stunning visuals, the charm and hope of Tomorrowland is stunning.
2: Danny Collins
I wouldn't say it was a comeback for Al Pacino because he's always been good and he has been better, but this is a reminder of why he's great. Certainly the most entertaining film of the month thanks to a superb script and wonderful supporting cast, as well as a sondtrack that evokes some of the deepest emotions of any music fan (because if you're a fan of music you're a fan of John Lennon). It never looses its dramatic undertones but juggles it with the comedy excellently.
1: Mad Max: Fury Road
What could I say about this film that I haven't already said, or written even? George Miller's triumphant return to the madness is assisted by Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron ready to take his concept and run, or rather, drive with it at breakneck speed towards a desert full of excitement, spectacle, drama (yes really) that sets the benchmark for all modern action films and may in the future be looked upon as a milestone for the entire genre. Am I exaggerating, I don't care. Do yourself a favor and go and see it, or don't, I'm not the boss of you.
And now the worst...
Big Game
If there is an appeal to be found in Big Game, I certainly didn't spot it. Too serious to appeal to the child-friendly dynamic and too childish to generate a positive response from the hardcore action fans. If it does anything right I suspect it's not on purpose, now I can't go on, I'm off to re-watch Fury Road to try and forget that horrible experience.  

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