Thursday, 7 May 2015

The Top Movies of Summer 2015

Anyone who saw my Oscar predictions will know how brilliant I am at this sort of thing (for those of you who didn’t, if my memory serves me correct, I correctly guessed just two of the 8 categories I tried to pick a winner for). But believe it or not this has not discouraged me and I want to see if I can guess the top ten highest grossing movies of this summer. Last time I selected just five potential hits with no ordering so this year I’ve stepped up the game by not only adding double the amount of predictions but ordering them as well. How correct do you think I am, or better yet, how wrong?
First though just a few other suggestions (and why they didn’t make my top ten). Terminator Genesis, CORRECT SPELLING (are we tired of the Terminator by now) Fantastic Four (have the production problems reached mainstream audiences and are we all tired out after Ultron and Ant-Man) Spy (Ghostbuster lovers hating on Paul Feig, or same old same old, let’s not see it syndrome).
10: Mad Max: Fury Road
True, the stakes are up against Tom Hardy and George Miller, opening just a few weeks after Age of Ultron and being rated 18 it will struggle to find an audience outside of Comic-con. Then again the amazing trailer and highly talented cast could draw in crowds and if it is as good as it looks the classic word of mouth method of films being successful could prevail. Plus it looks awesome, which is good.
9: Ted 2
The surprise comedy hit of Seth McFarlane’s outrageous stuffed bear could really offer a verdict on whether or not he is a comedic actor and writer or should he just stick to Family Guy. But as for audiences, though you may not rush out to see it, you may get bored and want to give it a chance.
8: Magic Mike XXL
Though Soderbergh is no longer directing, there are more than enough assets to pull in an audience for this film. The first Magic Mike is a good drama as well so it may be enough to keep fans of good human emotions in as well.
7: Tomorrowland
Some may attribute the fall of cinema to the fact that when an original film comes along no one knows what to do with it. That is very true with Brad Bird’s science fiction… something. There’s my point. But I only had to watch that teaser to be intrigued and I hope others are too.
6: Inside Out
Pixar know how to make animated films, it’s just a fact. Their one year absence was a long one and they appear to be back in fine fashion with this inventive, comedic and almost certainly poignant film about emotions, literally.
5: Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation
Tom Cruise’s last big budget action film Edge of Tomorrow may have bombed commercially but the MI franchise has real profit potential now, riding on the success of the work of Abram’s and Bird for 3 and Ghost Protocol and there’s that plane stunt that should look amazing on the big screen.   
4: Ant-Man
Though there’s a lot of doubt over how much money this mini but mighty Marvel movie can make, most people now just see the word and assume success and most people are unaware of Edgar Wright leaving the project. It could also be great, becoming another surprise hit before the Guardians of the Galaxy craze has cooled down.
3: Jurassic World
Many are doubtful of the quality of Jurassic World. But remember the first film became the highest grossing one of all time upon its release, Chris Pratt is a money maker with two of last year’s biggest blockbusters behind him, Guardians and LEGO. And never doubt the power of nostalgia.
2: Minions
Our favourite part of Despicable Me now have their own movie. The family friendly fun is off the charts with this one and perhaps… just maybe… could the power of those small yellow people be enough to topple Earth’s mightiest heroes? Speaking of which…
1: Avengers: Age of Ultron

It would be very hard to deny that Age of Ultron has the best chance of coming out of this summer as king of the hill. In fact many argue that it can come out of 2015 on top, even ahead of the Force Awakens. That is certainly an argument for another day but for now Marvel’s sequel to the biggest and most commercially successful superhero film of all time will undoubtedly make their shareholders very happy, and probably most audiences as well.

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