Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Best and Worst of June 2015

As the largest blockbusters of summer begin to pass by we find ourselves braced for the last outpour. But before that there are still a lot of things to get excited for and a great variety of films coming out in June, from documentaries, summer blockbusters and animated favourites. When all is said and done June is often regarded as the worst month of the summer period, just after the big opener and before the heavy finale. But this year it’s been pretty good.
3: Jurassic World
The original Jurassic Park is perhaps the ultimate summer blockbuster, like that other film by Steven Spielberg alongside that other film by Steven Spielberg. But regardless of the faults this one has it undoubtedly makes for a fun viewing experience, becoming a fantastic blockbuster that is not only climbing the ladder of highest grossing movies of all time, but making a sequel a sure thing. Whether that’s a good thing or not is yet to be seen, but for now the amazing effects, stunning set pieces, sense of wonder and amazement are reasons why Jurassic World is pure popcorn fun. That and the T-Rex.
2: Electric Boogaloo; The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films
Not to be harsh, but this may be the only time that the word Cannon has appeared on a ‘best of’ list. Who would have thought that cheap, dated, rushed and by modern blockbuster standards almost unbearable films make such an interesting documentary. The story of how two brothers earned and then lost millions of dollars through the medium of film and the frantic, frenzied and financially destructive world that is undoubtedly a product of the time and though some of you may certainly be sad that the Cannon Studios empire is no more, this film points out that it was a great ride while it lasted.
1: Inside Out
It’s Pixar. Oh you wanted more, well what about the fact that the imagination and creativity is unparalleled. The concept and story is about as emotionally compelling as it could possibly be and the voice cast is fantastic. There’s wondrous animation and attention to detail that simply defies belief. This represents a great return to form for Pixar, I can’t really write that much about it because the best way to experience this film is to watch it. But I can promise you that Inside Out is undoubtedly an animated classic in the making. Also, advice to Pixar executives, try to find some more space in that awards cabinet, about an Oscar sized space.
And the worst…
Accidental Love

What was once, many, many, many years ago a David O Russell film has now become a soulless rom com that not only acts as a stain on the career of Jake Gyllenhaal (especially this close to the release of Southpaw) but a stain on film in general this year. This is the cinematic equivalent of Frankenstein, apart from the actual film Frankenstein… anyway, a reanimated corpse of a film assembled from various body parts and given a psychotic and monstrous personality. I would have to watch Nightcrawler a lot to try and recover, that was my number 1 film last year right, with the same guy as this?

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