Thursday, 25 June 2015

Journal of Whills: Part 4 - The Force

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The moment when Obi Wan explains to Luke what the Force is there’s a definite sense of awe and wonder as the viewer slowly begins to realise what this seemingly random series of space adventures might mean. The theme and motif of the Force ties the entire Star wars universe together, acting as an omnipresent element that can be manipulated by both the Jedi and the Sith.
It justifies the powers and skills of a Jedi and is explored to a greater extent as the series progresses. In A New Hope we discover that it acts as a source of guidance that allows you to… aim well I guess. But in Empire Strikes back we discover its true extent and how it can embody the supposedly meakest of creatures and provide them with limitless power. As long as one can channel it and find the focus to control it you can do anything, proven by Yoda lifting the giant X-Wing from the swamp after informing Luke that he must ‘Do, or do not. There is no try’. In Return of the Jedi was discover how much influence the dark side of the force holds, its temptations and its dangers. The prequels give us more of how the force can be used by a Jedi at the height of their power. With each film we discover something new and there is no moment where the force is not an omnipotent influence to each character and the feats they accomplish.
The fact that the Force is created by life rather than being the creator of life is essential to several other themes that run through Star Wars. Clearly Lucas loves the idea of a big universe containing a small world feel. The figure heads of both the Empire and Rebel Alliance happen to b father and son, not to mention that his mentor used to do the same for the other as well, and his robot friends who used to go on adventures with his dad and his other friend the smuggler seeks refuge on a distant cloud city that is under the leadership of a fellow gambler. You get the idea, when you think about it these elements might be torn apart as massive coincidences but under the knowledge that in this universe all living things are connected by an energy field that surrounds and binds, as well as having some sense of morality, it becomes not just more plausible, it almost seems logical. Or as logical as a mysterious magic source can be.
Though the Force is neither integral nor absent from the events and action within Star Wars, it remains ultimately mysterious. Yes it does. No mention of Mediclorians. The Force is still partly unknown and rather than explore its details it remains appealing and awe inspiring by acting as more of a general part of life that resides within all living things and is not only capable of being used by them, but is generated by them. It seems to give everyone a place within the universe and creates a sense of purpose. Perhaps that’s why for some people the philosophies like this that lie within Star Wars transcend the screen and script.  

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