Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Looking back 20 years it's clear that 1994 was an incredible year for cinema. Five great films that are still remembered fondly today were all released during those twelve months.
Pulp Fiction: Still the best film to come from Quentin Tarantino, three crimes for the price of one presented in a film noir style, as well as being charged with enough energy to make it halfway around the world and all set to a fantastic soundtrack.
Forrest Gump: The role we still associate with Tom Hanks more than any other, an inexplicable life story garnished with humor and heartfelt moments that could have you crying one minute and laughing in the next and relies just as much on secondary characters as the title one.
The Shawhank Redemption: The stunning adaptation of Stephen King's novel was the perfect combination of classic storytelling a modern sensibilities with one of the greatest friendships of cinema history and surprises littered throughout that somehow remain shocking even if you know them prematurely.
Four Weddings and a Funeral: A hidden British gem from Richard Curtis and Hugh Grant displays the best elements of comedy and romance mixed up with no small amount of tragedy, it's offered as a chocolate box of delights and surprises with great amounts of charm.
The Lion King: Disney's most recognizable and emotionally hard hitting animation, accompanied by some of its best visuals and music (even Elton John steps in) the mature themes set to a child friendly enviroment has proved to be a formidable combination.
So which is your favorite, you can vote in the poll at the side of the screen and by the end of the year we will have some kind of result (hopefully). Unless there's a film from the same year you think has been left out, leave a comment if you think so. Let the poll begin.

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