Tuesday 6 January 2015

Top Ten Worst Films of 2014

For every exceptional film there is always a bad one. It is just the way of the industry and with this list I am going through the very worst of what has still been a great year. But 2014 was not free of mistakes, and here are the ten worst of them.
Gross Jury Prizes
Most film festivals make a category for films that didn’t quite make their main list but were just as good or in this case bad. My five GJP’s are A Million ways to Die in the West , Into the Storm, Need for Speed, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Transcendence.
10: Robocop
Though not as bad as it could have been this remake was still quite miserable, lacking in everything that made the original great, amazing action, dark comedy and men getting soaked in toxic waste. Furthermore, any film that has Keaton Oldman and Jackson together but fails to make an impression deserves to be on this list.
9: The Other Woman
Every year Cameron Diaz seems to get less comical and less serious simultaneously. This poor excuse for a revenge comedy is a prime example of that, filled with uninteresting characters and too many jokes that fall flat.
8: Men Women and Children
What attempts to be a judgemental drama is really a stern telling off disguised as a film. It has a magnet pressed against its moral compass and is as transparent as a sheet of glass.
7: The Legend of Hercules
 Who would have thought that out of two films that are essentially copies of each other the one directed by Brett Ratner would be superior, this one is more of a comedy than an epic.
6: Grace of Monaco
On paper this film should be a riveting historical drama, instead it never finds the right tone or the right severity with its actors. It feels out of touch and disconnected with its subject and drama.
5: Dracula Untold
What was supposed to be a reboot of the classic monster craze has become a parody of everything that the classic genre stood for. Even Charles Dance was disappointing, that says a lot.
4: I Frankenstein
No one wanted to be involved with this film and it’s easy to see why. The plot is ridiculous and unstructured, the special effects are terrible and the acting feels really half-arsed, I surrender.
3: Blended
By this point no worst film list would be complete without Adam Sandler, Blended just feels like an excuse for him to have a vacation with no surprises, laughs or anything else really, what else?
2: Ouija
Take every horror cliché you can think of but remove any amount of fun, cast talent, visual pleasure, suspense or scares of any kind and you have this film, produced by Michael Bay. Speaking of which…
1: Transformers: Age of Extinction
It’s one thing for a film to be bad, but for one of this quality to make more money than any other this year… it annoys you slightly, or a lot. People keep thinking these movies will be good and every time they are complete garbage. The same substitute story for explosion technique is tiresome and ineffective . Any film that has to stop dead to explain why it’s okay to fantasise over an underage girl is naturally terrible. This could also be the start of a very sad and bleak part of the cinema industry, one where films are made to be sold internationally. That means deliberately cutting down dialogue to save translations, where explosions travel further than words and changing locations purely to make it more appealing to communist censors. Why do the Transformers go to China, because Bay sees money there. It’s a painful experience and for me, the worst movie of 2014.
So what's your least likable film of 2014, leave a comment below to tell me and tomorrow the best of the year list is coming.  

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