Friday 2 January 2015

Your Guide to 2015

Welcome to 2015, and here is a quick guide to what must be one of the most promising years for films in cinema history. Everything from big blockbusters to indie favourites, this is what you need to look out for.


Avengers: Age of Ultron
Undoubtedly the current champion of this competition, if this film does not tip the scale to make the Marvel Cinematic Universe the most successful franchise of all time it will be the biggest flop of all time. But we know that won’t happen, the only real question seems to be when will the film stop making money, can it outdo the first (third highest grossing film of all time) and break the record to be the biggest of all time.
Mockingjay Part 2
Starting as an underdog, now a high contender, although Part 1 was not my cup of tea it was a ruthless build up to this finale. If it finds the right audience and despite my problems with the third film it still makes an immensely entertaining series that should end on a high.
Riding on the success of Skyfall comes the 24th instalment. Though we still don’t know much about the plot, but if you believe all the rumours then Craig might be passing the role over after this film, we know the cast with Christophe Waltz’s appearing as the villain and Sam Mendes returning to direct. Things look positive.
Jurassic World
Few films have changed the scope of cinema as much as the original JP. None of the sequels have lived up to the original and today it takes more than realistic effects to stand out. JW will have to pull something out of the bag to impress, but Chris Pratt takes the lead role and we still love the T-Rex.
Terminator Genesis
I know the title is spelt differently but I refuse to spell Gen-i-sys on principle. Whether or not this film is good is a different argument, whether it will make money is a foregone conclusion. Also, a reboot/ sequel could be the Days of Future Past move for this franchise, down but not quite out.
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
The returning champion, the big contender, if any film has the potential to wipe all others off the face of the planet it’s Star Wars, with the original cast mixed with a new one, original writer meets new director, this will be a hit. It is difficult to see another film this decade that will be more anticipated than this, I view the biggest battle being between Avengers and Star Wars.

Dark Horses

Marvel’s most troubled production, with Edgar Wright (who I like so I have to be sceptical) leaving the project. Possibly the quirkiest superhero yet, but Strange(r) is to come in phase three (get it).This back to basics story of one man starting his path could be a nice reminder of the Marvel spirit.
Mad Max: Fury Road
Road Fury sounds more grammatically correct, but regardless the trailer alone makes this reboot look spectacular. Admittedly this franchise hasn’t aged well so a new instalment with Tom Hardy may be a real money-maker, attracting old and new fans alike.
The Fantastic Four
Possible the most rushed remake in recent history, some may people may be optimistic but I am really sceptical. It may have a promising cast and director, but the film is eight months away and we haven’t seen anything, no pictures, trailer, footage or even poster, it worries me a bit.
The Hateful Eight
The eighth film from Tarantino nearly never happened, and now that it has I think we should be more excited for it than we are, even with a year of blockbusters a western from Quentin is still a tantalising prospect. Includes more bounty hunters, more violence and more Samuel L Jackson, I like.

A Few More

Teen fiction will explode with the next instalments of Divergent and Maze Runner, a new Neil Blomkamp project CHAPPiE containing more robots, Mission Impossible 5 and Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman could rival Bond in espionage, Fast and Furious 7, Brad Brid’s Tommorowland, the Wachowski’s Jupiter Ascending starring Channing Tatum, can Seth MacFarlane do better this year with a sequel Ted 2, animated features include Inside out and The Good Dinosaur from Pixar and The Minions Movie, Chris Columbus’ Pixels looks interesting and finally a film from Robert Zemeckis and Joseph Gordon Levitt The Walk  based on Phillip Piette’s tightrope walk between the twin towers.
I think that’s everything, or did I miss something you were looking forward to. Leave a comment below if I did and to everyone else, let me know what you’re most looking forward to in 2015. I can only be sure of one thing, It’ll be a hell of a year.     

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