Monday, 16 February 2015

Spider Man Joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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For my 100th post on this blog I was going to review The Interview, but then I had a better idea of discussing the recent and massive news of Spider Man joining the MCU. Can you believe it, I’ve actually registered my pointless opinion 100 times now. Oh and the whole Spidey thing as well.
The rumours were circulating and then seemd to die down, apparently the Sony hack led to negotiations breaking down, but evidently not as we have the official announcement that Spider Man with meet the Avengers. Sony have distribution rights to standalone Spider man films as well as creative attributions with Marvel who can use him in their own films, so sort of renting out the web-slinger.
The big question is when will he join, well definitely not in Age of Ultron. However you should remain vigilant for a post-credits scene that hints at it. In my ideal world any first hint at Spider Man’s involvement should be J.K Simmons reprising his role as JJ Jameson, sitting at his office and shouting something like, ‘Parker where are those photographs of Ultron I asked for?’ and maybe an assistant can reply ‘he’s at that genetic research lab…’. Or they could take the opportunity to reveal the new Spider Man there and then.
It may be too late for him to be a part of Civil War as well but don’t but away your web-shooters just yet because more rumours have stated that two completed versions of the Civil War script have been released, one featuring just Black Panther and the other featuring Spider man as well as Black Panther, Marvel could start shooting as soon as they have cast the new Peter Parker, and he isn’t in every scene of Civil War so they can be busy filming the scenes without him as the casting team look for him.
 He should definitely be in Infinity War though and that is an equally good time to introduce him as well. For a start this is the ultimate Marvel showdown, the pinnacle of everything they have been building up to, so we want their most iconic figure in the mix somewhere. As well as this Infinity War will be the point where we say goodbye to some of the leading film figures of Marvel and bringing in the next generation of Avengers and who better to lead that team than Spider Man.
The one thing I don’t want to see is the backstory, we’ve seen enough of that. Several incarnations of Spider Man, such as several animated series’ have jumped straight to a mid-point in his career as the web-slinger and headed straight into the action. Speculation has indicated that we may even see Miles Moralis instead of Parker, which would be a bold move but for me I think Marvel should stay with Peter. He’s probably the only secret identity in Marvel that is as widely known as his alter-ego and given that they’ve never perfectly nailed his character anyway it would be better to stay there.
Who should play Spider-Man? Well no immediate candidates spring to mind, all I know is that there are plenty of young actors available but probably even more that aren’t known, suppose they strike oil and find the perfect actor to play Spider Man and he’s never been in anything before, as long as he’s good I don’t mind. I’ve always maintained that Toby Maguire is a better Peter Parker and Andrew Garfield is a better Spider Man. So whoever takes on this role should include the best elements of both and include their own spin on it to craft something that could be very special indeed, perhaps the perfect portrayal of Peter Parker (try saying that as fast as you can).

So what do you think about this announcement, are you excited for it, of course you are. But leave a comment below regardless. Swing by another time (see what I did there).  

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