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Captain America: Civil War Trailer Review

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So the trailer for ‘Captain America: Civil War’ finally arrived! Despite speculation that it would not be released after the premiere of ‘The Force Awakens’ it is now here for all to see, and obviously there are a lot of things to talk about, so let’s get straight into it (unless you have no interest in Marvel, in which case you should stop reading, as I cannot help you with this article). Now of course we see new characters like Thaddeus Ross,
So rather than exploring the concept of superhero registration as the famous ‘Civil War’ story in the comics illustrates, it seems that this latest outing will see Cap and Iron Man facing off against each other over the treatment of Steve’s long time friend, temporarily resurrected superhuman mercenary (just like any other bromance) Bucky Barnes, also known as the Winter Soldier. Whether or not the issue of registration will stem from that and play a big part in the story (it looks as if it might) is for now unknown. Which is a pretty good direction to take this story, it ensures that the story can remain tight and compacted rather than risk sprawling out of control, because ultimately it appears to be concentrated on a simple friendship story, one that also continues the story ark of Cap following ‘The Winter Soldier’.
That is another significant plus for this trailer as it looks as if this is still very much Cap’s story, it just happens that Iron Man and a couple of other Avengers are joining the cast, though not completely stealing the limelight from what I can tell here. Once again Rogers is essentially fighting the world here, he can trust few people and be constantly on edge. That keeps in line with the tone of the Russo brother’s previous outing for Marvel, a slick spy thriller rather than an eccentric action movie. Based on their direction of the last film the Russo’s seem to have this well under control.
Captain America Civil War poster.jpg   Not only the tone, but their direction still looks spectacular. The fighting it fast yet focussed, as it successfully realises that speed and excitement does not mean shaking your camera about constantly, they keep a fixed or handheld camera at their disposal for these shots and manage to move it in unique and innovative ways that capture the ferocity of the actors movements without ever pandering to cheap gimmicks.
As well as that, there is also a real sense of a break up here. Iron Man and Cap are not actually interacting that much (which is a bold move as a majority of people may simply perceive this movie as Iron Man vs Captain America) but when they do you can feel a strong sense of betrayal between the two of them here, the fact that Stark openly admits, for what may be the first time, that Cap was his friend is very significant, made even more powerful by the fact that what follows is them pummelling seven bells out of each other.
That shot sums up why Marvel have nailed a formula for these big blockbusters, they give the fans what they want without making it feel like they are pandering to them. For this shot we see what we all wanted to see from this trailer, the two characters that we have supported and followed for this entire franchise, ones that we care about more than any other, squaring off. I am obviously talking about Groot and Rocket Racoon, except I’m not (although if I were to have my way…) With Captain America and Iron Man going at this rate, with this ferocity we see a franchise, a tone and us as an audience being divided. But then Marvel just adds Bucky to the mix, as a constant reminder of the principle for which these two are fighting for and to shake the whole situation up a bit, keeping it unpredictable and enthralling.
So overall this trailer reassures some confidence in this movie that was shaken by concerns for a lack of focus and established a clear tone, with some hints of weighty drama and development to add. ‘Civil War’ is shaping up to be a major staple on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 
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