Monday, 8 February 2016

2016 Super Bowl Trailer Reviews

So all of the Super Bowl trailers just hit the internet and I thought I’d have to talk about some of the awesome sneak peaks we got at upcoming movies. I may not know a lot about American Football (or regular football, or any sport for that matter) but I can certainly speculate about movies that are hundreds of minutes long based on information gathered from a thirty second trailer, so where’s my giant stadium? …. Anyway, moving on;

Jason Bourne

 It’s weird that I wasn’t at all excited for the fifth entry in the Bourne series until I saw this trailer and title. Not that either one is especially remarkable on its own (did we run out of words that sound cool when paired with ‘The Bourne …’) but maybe that title implies a character driven and intimately focused story, even more so than the other instalments with Matt Damon. I think above all this trailer simply awoke my excitement because I could finally see this project as a realised film, until now it was a fantasy in the distant, not helped by being labelled ‘Untitled Fifth Bourne Film’, but now, with a real title, Damon back in the iconic role (on a high from his Oscar nominated turn in ‘The Martian’), with Tommy Lee Jones and Alicia Vikander to back him up as well as Paul Greengrass’ masterful direction. Yep, I’m pumped now.

The Jungle Book

The live action Disney remakes of recent years have tended to be more style over substance and have failed to deliver something genuinely new and satisfying to the films they are reimagining. So far ‘The Jungle Book’ has me won over on the style side, but I’m yet to be convinced of its substance, even with this trailer. It looks to embody some of the spirit of the original and might just have that punch we’ve been looking for, though they may want to polish up some of those effects as I don’t quite buy the actors voices (incidentally this is a flawlessly casted film from what I can tell) with the animation, but I’m sure they will. That new rendition of ‘Bear Necessities’ is also amazing so I’m definitely impressed with this trailer, and hopeful for the finished product.

Independence Day: Resurgence

Scenes of destruction, space battles, patriotism, Jeff Goldblum. What else could you want from an ‘Independence Day’ trailer? My only concern now is that it doesn’t retain its sense of fun, the reason why the first one is Roland Emmerich’s only enjoyable movie.


It breaks the fourth wall again, which is fantastic again as ‘Deadpool’ is now doing its utmost to emphasise how different it is from every other superhero movie out there right now. So as well as the violence and general tone surely this will help win fans over, and it acts as a nice counter piece to the almost universal praise the film has been receiving since advanced reviews started coming out. It now sits at 96% on Rotten Tomatoes and Chris Stuckmann awarded the film a perfect grade of A+, a score that the YouTube reviewer only gave to one film in 2015, ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’. I was confident it would be good but could it possibly be that good? I’ll have to wait and see.

TMNT: Out of the Shadows

This film’s success (critically at least) relies on whether it revels in its own ridiculousness or delves into the usual Bayhem we’ve come to expect now. So far the trailer seems to balance awkwardly in between. I admit Krang was pretty awesome though.

10 Cloverfield Lane

It seems that we’re still very much within the realm of claustrophobic and contained horror here, with little indication of plot, background or events within and outside of the film. Regardless, I still have to tip my hat to the movie for keeping everything under wraps for so long (we didn’t even know this movie existed at all since a month ago, and now it’s taking up Super Bowl commercial space, how crazy is that?)

X-Men: Apocalypse

Above all I get a sense of scale from this teaser, concerning the actions of Apocalypse and how it effects the X-Men universe. Not just from the scenes of destruction, but the reaction of each character just seems to scream unimaginable power from their adversary, as if they are witnessing something truly beyond belief. That also implies that Singer can retain his character driven motivation, which bodes well.

Captain America: Civil War

I know there’s still no sight of Spider-Man, but frankly I don’t mind. This teaser makes an effort to emphasise to separate sides, not just the individuals of Cap and Stark fighting, this really is a whole team affair with the opening chant and striking imagery. We see our favourite characters clearly at conflict with themselves and experiencing new levels of depth. When Tony narrowly avoids being shot at point blank range by Bucky (I just realised how amazing that sentence sounds, and it’s in a movie) there seems to be genuine fear and shock there like he’s never experienced. It also presents us a complete line up of each side so it’s difficult not to get excited about this, much less difficult than it is to get excited for ‘Batman v Superman’.

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